Week One


Week 1


Shortened synchronous classes will focus on housekeeping and answering questions.

Set up your GDrive account,

[ VIDEO PLACEHOLDER: Creating a “presence” space for class]

[VIDEO PLACEHOLDER: Guide to this course]

[VIDEO PLACEHOLDER: Expectations for this course]

Syllabus discussion

Freewriting on BlabRyte. 

Assignment: Read the entire syllabus and post one question by Tuesday (11:59 pm). Follow these guidelines for your question.

Read: “Backpacks and Briefcases: Steps Toward Rhetorical Analysis

Lesson 1.1: Rhetorical analysis  TedEd lesson

Watch: “The Human Insights Missing from Big Data.”

Lesson 1.2: Annotating digital texts [aprox. 8 min video]

Lesson 1.3: Create your coursework archive and workflow [6 mins]

Assignment: Discussion post in TedEd lesson Due Wednesday (11:59 pm).

Homework: Workshop 1 assignment